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OVA Committee Roles - Description

This role requires an individual who is a strong leader who is willing to lead from the front, to turn up to school events, usually 3 per year, and co-ordinate the day-to-day activities of the association. The post is ideal for somebody who does live in the UK but this is not essential. It would ideally suit somebody who could develop a 5 year plan for the association and perhaps set up clear targets and ambitions for the association.

This role is ideal for somebody with good administrative skills. Proof reading, official letter writing and documentation of meetings. This is a pivotal role within the association. I would encourage anybody who is willing to step forward for this role to consider offering a set period of time on a monthly basis for the job if at all possible. 

Accountancy skills are key and the ability to make a bank book add up at the end of the year is essential. Honesty and integrity are required and anybody with any history of bankruptcy or insolvency would not be permitted to hold this post under charitable law legislation should we opt in to have charitable status.

The upkeep of the website is an essential role. IT Skills are critical and therefore this post requires continuity and somebody with clear web development abilities. Database management and electronic communication skills would also be helpful.

The newsletter is an essential part of the committee and the development of a twice yearly update can only benefit the membership. Therefore, anybody with skills in writing and editing would be of great benefit to the association. News & event information will also need to be published through the website and social media.

Non-Portfolio Roles
There is room for non-portfolio members of the committee. These roles would be filled by individuals who could offer particular skills sets to the committee. Skills in PR, marketing and project management would be of benefit, and if we could find individuals willing to offer these services they would be of great value to the association.

This entry was written by Stuart A Hill - IT/Media, posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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